Using to preserve confidentiality is a mixing service that offers 100% complete privacy, anonymity, and security of crypto currency transactions. Using the mixer, you will be able to mix your coins to make your transactions confidential. With BestMixer, you can be sure in your privacy.


Bitcoin mixers are applied to hide the link between the address of the sender and the final address of the transfer. Blockchain is a public site that records the history of each transaction. This is a decisive factor to use for those who do not want the whole world to know where they send, store, and get their bitcoins.

The mixer’s work includes:

  • BestMixeraccepts your bitcoins and mixes them with the coins of other clients, and then distributes them to wallets that have been just created.
  • Then it sends out coins to the wallets, sharing them.
  • The process of mixing can be done thousands of times.
  • After that, absolutely new coins are received on the purse specified by you.

All this costs from 0.5 % of the amount. The greater the depth of anonymization and the amount of mixed funds, the longer it takes to select the right number of suitable mixing partners.

What you need to mix:

  • Bitcoins
  • Tor Browser
  • The ability to create BTC wallets